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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Eveleigh Farmers Market

There are many farmers markets throughout Sydney but Eveleigh Market has gained quite a reputation for being one of the best farmers markets in town. I have yet to visit this market so I took the opportunity to join my friends CW and her family when they went there last weekend.

It is located in Darlington and best of all, it is all undercover. The market runs every Saturday morning (rain or shine) from 8am to 1pm. The great challenge is finding parking, I can't believe how busy the streets were and how many cars were parked on the streets.

There are so many stalls here, from organic vegetables, free-range meats, wonderful array of potatoes, mushrooms, organic fruits, organics cheese, fresh juices, home made jams to well known brands such as Sonoma Bakery, Mirrool Creek Lamb, Pukara Estate and Country Valley Dairy.

Organic kale
Organic beetroot

I saw Kylie Kwong manning her Billy Kwong stall. Apparently she is there every Saturday serving out her dish of the day.

There was a stall with so many different types of potatoes, some of which I had not seen before. I haven't seen such a wide range before. I bought some mixed roast baby potatoes for only $1 for 500g. How affordable and they turned out really nice when I roasted them. The stall holder was Highland Gourmet Potatoes.

There was a stall selling freshly picked mushrooms. Freshly picked early in the morning in time for the markets. Can't get any fresher than that! I bought a small bag of mushrooms (so beautifully white) mixed with some gorgeous Swiss browns. The guy attending us was so friendly, I wish I had taken down his name. By the way, the mushrooms were really fresh and delicious! The stall holder was Margin's Mushrooms and their website is www.marginsmushrooms.com.au

At the end of the warehouse is an area to sit down for a bite. There are stalls selling Thai food, crepes, coffee and bacon and egg rolls.

For brunch, I had a bacon, sausage and egg roll. CRW had the same and CW had a gourmet sausage and onion roll. The two girls had some deep fried spring rolls which I was told by CTW that they were even better than the dim sum restaurants! I did enjoy the bacon, sausage and egg roll. A nice and hearty dish to have on a chilly winter morning.

Eveleigh Market
243 Wilson Street
Website: www.eveleighmarket.com.au

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Kin Yuen said...

Lovely fresh produce. A buzz about the markets from your photos.