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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Napoli In Bocca

Napoli In Bocca is located in the suburb of Haberfield. In my humble opinion, Haberfield epitomises all things Italian in Sydney. Yes, I know most of everyone thinks of Leichhardt as the Italian suburb but for me it is Haberfield. It has a sense of being in a community and an Italian one at that!

When I do come here, I can't help myself and go crazy with the biscottis, the gelato, pasta, cheese, smallgoods etc. Tonight we celebrate a special dinner for AF, who did amazingly well in the recent HSC exams. His choice was Italian and I picked this restaurant. I have been here twice before and enjoyed both meals.

I stepped in to the restaurant and I felt like I was in a nice family oriented Italian restaurant. I felt the warmth, both metaphorical and physical. The wood fired oven greeted me as I passed 2 young Italian men working away on the pizzas.

There were 8 of us tonight so we started off by having some entree. We had the Bruschetta pizza and Stuffed zucchini flowers. Both were delicious but the zucchini flowers were not as popular because the majority of the group didn't like anchovies. So NF and I happily had our lion's share of the zucchini flowers.

Then we ordered individual main dishes. Some had pizzas, some had calzone and others had pasta. I ordered the Linguine Vongole and found my dish absolutely delightful. It was a simple but classic dish and the linguine was perfectly al dente. By the way, all servings were generous!

NF thoroughly enjoyed his Spaghetti with meatballs (sorry didn't get a chance to take a photo of this dish). CF had the Ravioli Zucca, which was pumpkin and ricotta ravioli with Napoletana sauce. The calzones were apparently very good and AF was seriously enjoying his favourite pasta dish of Tagliatelle Boscia (sorry again I didn't get a chance to take a photo).

We let the mains settle before we decided to have some dessert. The boys decided to share a Nutella pizza, which they finished very bite of it. I had a gelato of strawberry and pistachio. A lovely and refreshing dessert on a balmy summery evening.

The restaurant was packed to the max. The waiters and waitresses were run off their feet and yet the waiter attending our table was so friendly and congenial. He even managed to find out for me the average number of pizzas they make on a Saturday night. On average, they make 230 pizzas and the 2 guys making them look so cool and calm. They were like machines, not once did they look flustered.

We had a lovely night, the food was great, the service was good and the restaurant vibe was very Italiano!

I think the whole family fell in love with the place. Who can blame them?

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Napoli In Bocca
73 Dalhousie Street
NSW 2045
Tel: +61 2 9798 4096
Website: napoliinbocca.com.au

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Edwina said...

That's a good looking family you've got there! Totally agree with you about the evening. Fantastic food and atmosphere!