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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Armchair Collective (Mona Vale, NSW)

A cafe right smack in the midst of a home and decor store! How cool is this and how attractive a thought?!?

I cannot recall when I first heard or read about Armchair Collective but I do remember putting it on my list. Not long ago, I decided to take a Saturday drive with my friend MO. Partly to belatedly celebrate her birthday and partly to de-stress from what has been one of the worst weeks I have had at work.

The weather forecast on that day warned of potential rain but we were blessed with fantastic weather.

When we arrived at the cafe/store I was fascinated by the eclectic homeware and how the tables and seats were cleverly interspersed throughout the store.

After perusing their menu their corn fritters caught my eye. It was a breakfast only dish which was served until 11.30 am. We missed it by about 10 minutes. There is a section of the menu which was 'all day breakfast' but the corn fritters was not on that list. I decided to ask if I could order it and the chef was apparently in a good mood and said yes! Woo hoo!

My sweet corn fritters with avocado salsa and bacon was delicious! Beautifully plated with gorgeous colours; it was slightly sweet, salty and there were hits of saltiness from the bacon which was wrapped in the middle of the fritters!

MO had a craving for burger so she had the Collective beef burger with tomato chilli jam, Spanish onion, fresh tomato, beetroot, tasty cheese with some thick cut chips. She definitely liked the serving on a board. It was a very rustic looking serving of what was a rather delicious burger. The chips were great too! And yes..I stole a few mouthful of the chips and even had a bit of the burger! :)

I also ordered a Mixed Berry Fruit Frappe - loved the carafe the drink was served in!

But I wanted to have something sweet to end the meal and chose the passionfruit tart. A pretty and happy looking tart. I was fascinated by how well glazed the tart was. Loved the luscious creamy passionfruit custard. Yum!!! :)

We browsed the store and found some quirky retro stuff. What a great place to hang out and browse!

And after our heavy lunch we strolled the beach. It was absolutely relaxing and made me appreciate being able to enjoy the beach and watching the waves. It was a much needed change in scenery. Lovely day indeed!

The Armchair Collective on Urbanspoon
Armchair Collective
9 Darley Street East
Mona Vale
NSW 2103
Facebook: ArmchairCollective

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

How lovely that the chef was so accommodating! And love the colour on that passionfruit curd tart!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, it was the colour of the tart which caught my eye! :)

Bernard Tsang said...

This cafe is just down the road from us and we have yet to eat here. How beautiful is all the interior. OMG and im sure that passionfruit tart was amazing =]

Cindy said...

Hi Bernard, thanks so much for visiting! You are lucky to have such a lovely cafe near your home. I hope you check it out soon! :)