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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Vincent (Woollahra, Sydney)

I do enjoy a good French meal every now and then. This one was in Woollahra, a suburb I don't frequent much. But after hearing quite positive reviews about it, it was time to visit.

I was surprised to discover Vincent is actually located in a boutique hotel. The only way into the restaurant is through the main doors of the hotel.

As I sat down, I looked around to try and gain an impression of the surrounds. It did feel quite French, which is good. I also had a peek at their cheese fridge, is that even the right word? Hmmm....

We started with entrees.

Seared scallops and leek, soubise, and vadouvan spice. The scallops were perfectly cooked, the leeks were beautifully charred and had a nice smokey flavour. A rather delicious entree.

Baked cantal soufflé with fine herbs. We had to try this as it was highly recommended by the waitress. It was light, fluffy, and super cheesy. A classic French dish.

Our mains were:

Steak frites with 'beurre Vincent'. It was plated interestingly enough on a metallic dish over the top of a small gas burner. The small fire was for the butter to slowly melt over the grilled steak which was to my surprise not a complete piece of steak but neatly sliced. The steak was medium rare with a touch of pink.

And with the steak came a generous serving of frites which we devoured! How could we resist?!?

Poulet roti of roast chicken, bread sauce, sprout leaves and chestnuts. I am not normally into brussel sprouts but these were nicely grilled and had a slight crunch. I actually didn't mind it at all. There were nice flavours to the roast chicken and the meat was tender and moist.

I had to have dessert and decided to go for the recommended dessert of Gateau au chocolat, salted caramel parfait and white chocolate ice cream. Yes, just reading the description brought up delicious thoughts. Imagine how I felt when I was eating it. Loved the combination of crunchy, chewy bits of chocolate, a contrast to the salted caramel and white chocolate ice cream.

Note to chefs: Wouldn't it have been better to serve the dessert on a white plate instead of black?

It was a lovely evening and the food was a good reflection of French bistro style cuisine. And the service was very good too!

Vincent on Urbanspoon
14 Queen Street
NSW 2025
Website: vincentfrench.com.au

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Ramen Raff said...

Wow!! All that butter on the steak! Love it hahaha Black or white plate doesn't matter I reckon coz that dessert looks and sounds freakin' awesome! lol

chocolatesuze said...

omg that souffle!!!

Cindy said...

Hello Raff, so nice to hear from you! Haha, I agree and I shouldn't complain. No matter what it was served on, the dessert was good! :)

Cindy said...

Hello chocolatesuze, that soufflé was so sinfully rich! :)

Simplicity by Sarah said...

That soufflé looks like a winner!!


Cindy said...

Hello Sarah! Thanks for visiting! It surely was! :)

Emzy said...

Yum those scallops look so yum and juicy! and yes I would have to agree with you with that dessert- it would have looked a lot better presented on a white plate!

Cindy said...

Hello Emzy, thanks for visiting! Lol! Thanks for agreeing with me! :)

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Can't stop staring at those scallops! Love the idea of pairing them with charred leeks. Yum!

Cindy said...

Hi Helen, I must admit i have a weakness for scallops and these ones were particularly good!

Chris @ MAB vs Food said...

I am very keen to try Vincent. I have so much about that souffle - defo on my wish list! I love French bistro food. Can never have too much butter :D

Cindy said...

Hello Chris, thanks so much for dropping by! Look forward to your review when you do get to Vincent! 😀