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Food is one of my many joys in life. It is a common bond I share among my friends and family. Combining food and travel makes it all the more interesting. I enjoy going out for a good meal with friends and family. The array of various cuisines and our fantastic array of produce really makes Sydney such a great city to live in. Blogging is my hobby and my posts on restaurant meals I have had are paid for and not gratis. Any gratis provided to me will always be stated beforehand.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

And so it begins

I have been tossing the idea of creating my own blog for a while now. For some reason I kept putting the idea off. I was then assigned to a project to be based in Auckland, New Zealand and thought to myself ' This is the best time to start a blog to keep my friends in the loop on my activities while I am staying in the country of the long white cloud'.

My first trip for the project started in mid November last year. I must say New Zealanders are such lovely people. Being in Auckland has given me the opportunity to explore the city and I have found some lovely farmers markets and craft markets.

As this is my first posting, Takapuna will be my first subject. It is located in the North Shore City. It reminds me a little of Neutral Bay in Sydney. What it does have that Neutral Bay does not have is a lovely strip of beach. The views from the apartment remind me how much water is around Auckland City.

This is a view from the apartment.


Charmaine said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I love the way you write, I can hear your voice saying all those things to me. I look forward to learn more about Auckland and other parts of NZ if you get a chance to visit. And the food pictures too of course!

Biana said...

Congratulations on your new adventure. I'm looking forward to discovering NZ through your eyes and being a foodie voyeur. Nice view by the way! B.