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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Gingerbread House 2011

My Gingerbread house all snowed up!
All these years living in Australia and  for some reason or other I have not had the opportunity to build a house from gingerbread. When I have seen them around, they look beautifully decorated and so festive during the Christmas period.

So when my friend CW asked me if I wanted to join in on a Gingerbread House get together, I took up the invite quite eagerly. I rocked up with my apron ( glad I did bring it, thank you CW), some extra lollies and chocolates (ended up not using it). CW was kind enough to prep her dining table with all the kits opened up with the precut gingerbread and bags and bags of lollies.

I wouldn't classify myself as a creative person but I must say that I did enjoy myself icing the walls, roof and decorating the house with chocs and lollies galore. How decadent!

As a beginner I did struggle with getting the walls to stick together. I thought the walls were sitting properly on the board and started setting the roof when lo and behold one of the walls started collapsing. So it was a little like back to square one but I got there eventually.

In between all the house building we stopped for afternoon tea to give time for the icing to set before we actually started decorating the roof and walls.

The kids had so much fun with their houses and they really got very creative. I gained some inspiration watching them go all out with their decorations. Here is a picture of one of their houses. Isn't it gorgeous?!

I have decided to bring my gingerbread house to my friends' place for Christmas. There will be enough kids there to help eat all those lollies.

The back of my house!
CW has posted pictures of all the different houses. Please see her blog for all the great pictures by clicking on this link From My Home

Thank you once again CW for your hospitality and generosity in hosting this event. I really had such fun!

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Charmaine said...

All the gingerbread houses were so beautiful. I love the back section of your house, esp the little raspberries and marshmallows at the base. Glad you enjoyed the afternoon. It was fun hosting for the 1st time.