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Monday, 22 April 2013

Patricia (A Coffee Haven in Melbourne)

Upon arriving in Melbourne for a extended weekend break, I decided to check out Patricia. It is located on Little Bourke Street in Melbourne's CBD. The website indicated it is located at the corner of Little Bourke and Little William Streets.

When I got to that intersection I couldn't see anything resembling a cafe. I walked up and down the block and started to despair finding it. Then I saw a young lady carrying a tray of 6 take away coffee cups and saw the name Patricia on them. I had to stop her and ask her where the cafe was and even she admitted it is not an easy place to spot.

I finally found it, it is a small, narrow and nondescript place. There are no tables or chairs to sit down for a coffee but there are side counters and window panes to hang around. I loved it! It is obviously a well known local, there were so many people who queued to get a cup.

The sign Sunshine hanging at the ceiling!
When I placed my order, I was given 2 choices of coffee beans. Costa Rican or Seven Seeds. I must have looked indecisive so the waitress kindly explained the subtle differences between the 2 varieties and I chose the Costa Rican. I also ordered a Raspberry Friand to complement the coffee.

I was automatically served a glass of chilled sparkling water and I was pleased that I didn't have to ask for water. The coffee was superb! It was smooth, and there was no bitter aftertaste. As a matter it had a lovely robust flavour with a caramelly aftertaste. I seriously could have had another cup immediately after the first one. It was that good!

The friand was moist and delicious but the star for me was the coffee.

I will be back!

Patricia Coffee Brewers on Urbanspoon

Cnr. of Little Bourke and Little William Street
VIC 3000
Hours: Monday to Friday 7.00 am to 4.00 pm
Website: patriciacoffee.com.au

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