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Friday, 16 August 2013

Brunch at Sylvia's (New York City)

I don't know about you, my regular readers, but I am beginning to get over my NYC posts. As in, enough already!!!! Just because I loved my time in New York doesn't mean I still want to be blogging about it 5 weeks after my return! But it is coming to an end, I promise! 1 or 2 more posts and that's it for the trip.

My backlog of Sydney restaurants is beginning to alarm me. :-(

It was the last official day of the group tour. We started the morning by watching a Harlem Gospel Choir and then adjourned to Sylvia's. This restaurant is a Harlem institution and has been operating and serving soul food since 1962. Unfortunately the founder Sylvia Woods passed away in 2012 but her legacy continues with her family taking on the mantle and running the business.

We had a list of meal options to choose from and I picked the Two Eggs Scrambled with Southern Fried Chicken. All the dishes came with grits or home fries and biscuits. Eating the biscuit reminded me of my meal at MiCasa SuCasa earlier in the year where SarahKate made some biscuits too (American South Dinner at MiCasa SuCasa). So it was not an unfamiliar taste and texture, once again it reminded me of eating scones.
I thoroughly enjoyed my fried chicken, it was moist and deliciously crumbed. I found it strange to be eating fried chicken with scrambled eggs but there is a first time for everything and it is obviously common to have this combination in the south.

Please don't shoot me for saying this but I disliked the grits! I doubt I will ever attempt to have it again. But I had to try it to know if I would like it or not. It looked like porridge mush and tasted as bland as anything.
There were also side dishes of mac and cheese and some greens.

As this was Sunday, there was a lady who was singing in the restaurant while we were dining. She stopped by our table to asked if there was anyone who had a birthday coming up. Sami piped up and said I did! Oh, she's a naughty one.

So the singer asked for my name and the few others in various tables which had birthdays had to provide their names too. She then sang us all a Happy birthday song. I thought that was very sweet. Then I was served a slice of one of Sylvia's cake by the staff as a birthday gift.

The free drink from a generous stranger
And to top it off, a young lady came around to our table and introduced herself. I just wish I could remember her name and she wanted to buy me a drink for my birthday. I kept saying 'no you don't have to but thank you for your generosity'. But she insisted and she explained why. It was her day to action on a pay it forward as someone had actioned a pay it forward to her that very morning. So I graciously accepted her desire to buy me a drink and I hope in some way that I have actioned my pay it forward from her generosity and kindness to me.

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328 Malcolm X Boulevard
New York
NY 10027
Website: sylviasrestaurant.com

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Fyood New York said...

Mmm that fried chicken looks delicious. Sylvia's looks like a lively place to have a Sunday brunch. If you didn't like the grits because they were bland, it was probably authentic =P, I also have never really liked the taste of them. Their complimentary cake for your birthday was a nice touch. Great review!

Cindy said...

Hello there, thanks for posting your lovely comments. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at your reference to the grits being authentic!! Thank you also for visiting my blog! :-)