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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rooftop Bars (New York City)

Summer time in New York City is celebrated in so many ways. One of them is to hang out at any of the long list of available rooftop bars scattered around this city.

On my recent trip to NYC, one of the group things we did was to meet up as a group for drinks, then adjourn to a restaurant for dinner.  Most of the ones we went to were closer to the midtown area.

230 Fifth
This rooftop bar was located at 230 Fifth Avenue, between 6th and 7th. Having drinks here on our first night together was great. There were great views of the landmark skyscrapers, more than enough space to not feel jam packed, an Aussie bartender to boot and beautiful sunset colours coming through the landscape as we sat down and chilled out with a few drinks.

Photo courtesy of Sami Lukis

230 Fifth on Urbanspoon

Website: www.230-fifth.com

Top of The Strand
This rooftop bar was located at the top of the Strand hotel. It was a lot smaller space wise to 230 Fifth. But on this evening, we met up with the AWNY ladies for drinks. The Australian Women In New York group was about 60 strong that night and I don't think it was anticipated by the group leader that so many of the ladies would accept the invite to meet us. As a result, it was sardine packed and there was standing room only. But it was lovely to meet some of the ladies who live in NYC with their families or who are here for work. Whatever the case, it is good to know that if I ever decide to work/live in NYC, I can contact AWNY.

I also met an Australian celebrity at this bar. Amity Rankine, winner of the The Block All Stars, was in town. She was in the midst of preparing her show for some showcases and it turns out Amity knows Sami and came to our drinks night to say hi and catch up. She was lovely and rather down to earth. I do hope her showcases went well and that her show gets picked up for Broadway.
Photo courtesy of Sami Lukis
Photo courtesy of Sami Lukis
Photo courtesy of Sami Lukis

Top of the Strand on Urbanspoon

33, West 37th Street
New York
NY 10018
Website: www.topofthestrand.com

Le Bain Rooftop Bar, Standard Hotel
This rooftop bar is located in the Standard hotel right smack in the Meatpacking district. The bar was split into 2 levels. The level before the rooftop had an indoor pool/spa and the actual open air rooftop level had a green carpet (it was weird walking across this grass like carpet). The view I must admit was quite spectacular. It was however very popular and packed. After being there for a short while, it started to rain and the excitement of being there fizzled.

We eventually left and adjourned to a nearby bar for drinks before heading to dinner at Pastis.

Website: standardhotels.com/high-line/meetings-events/le-bain-rooftop

Of the 3 rooftop bars that I went to, I would vote for 230 Fifth as the one I liked the most. Apparently it started life as a very popular hangout for the locals but over the years it became a tourist hangout and the locals didn't like it any longer. I don't get why the locals didn't like it anymore but I am not complaining!

There was a rooftop bar Sami and I checked out late one night on our way back to the hotel. After dropping off a couple of the ladies for the Sleep No More show, we were chatting to the 'manager' of the show who was hanging outside the main entrance of the show. He was telling us of their new rooftop bar that literally just opened. 

Sami, being Sami, had to check it out. It was a few doors down from the show and we went up a tiny rickety elevator and saw an area where there was live music and people were dancing. It looked cool! And also there was a garden/dining area which I really liked. It looked so picturesque and charming. At that point in time I didn't know what it was called but some recent googling has produced the right name. It's called Gallow Green. I didn't take any photos but I am sure Sami might put this one on the list for her next NYC group trip.

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Andrese enime said...

The best roof top bar nyc were enormous views of the landmark skyscrapers, even more than enough space for your parties.