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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Chicken & Fishhead (Beecroft, Sydney)

I have always found the name of this rather quaint cafe to be strange but it certainly catches one's eye. I would have entertained the idea of asking the operators of this cafe why they chose this name but they were all so busy serving coffee and breakfast the morning I was there. I didn't think it would be a good idea to stop them from keeping the orders going. Maybe a question for another time.

It was a Saturday morning when I met up with my friends from Canberra. I suggested this cafe because it was nearby for both parties to meet up plus it was a good opportunity for me to check it out. Chicken & Fishhead is not only a cafe but a kidswear store too. What an interesting concept! It is a relatively small store but it has been able to successfully incorporate a family style cafe in this store. All the while being located in Beecroft, a north west suburb which has a very villagey feel.

We had:

Big breakfast of poached free range eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and crispy bacon.

Bacon and egg baguette with Hank's onion relish and rocket.

Belgian waffles with bacon and maple syrup.

Banana and Honey Smoothie.

The smoothies were absolutely delicious. Not overwhelmingly sweet with the honey. There was a good balance of the banana and honey.

The big breakfast went down a treat with J and T was suitably impressed with the saltiness of the bacon offset against the sweetness of the waffles and maple syrup.

As for my bacon and egg baguette, let's just say that it suited me to a T! The baguette was fresh and the bacon and egg with the relish was delicious. The serving was large enough to keep me going through the day until dinner time. No lunch for me!! :)

I could see that the cafe was very popular with the locals. The tables filled up pretty quickly and not just for coffee. They also serve lunch daily and dinner on some nights.

Chicken and Fishhead on Urbanspoon
Chicken & Fishhead
3 Wongala Crescent
NSW 2119
Website: www.chickenandfishhead.com

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Such an awkwardingly endearing name! And I love waffles with bacon and maple syrup!

Lam Stock said...

Belgian waffles with bacon and maple syrup! Now that's how you start a day! YUM!


Cindy said...

Hi Helen and Lam Stock, it's interesting how a dish like waffles with bacon and maple syrup is so tempting!