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Saturday, 12 October 2013

OneSixEight Restaurant and Bar (Sydney)

You think you know all the new kids on the block 'restaurant wise' but a few slip through the cracks occasionally. Especially if the media does not talk much about it/them. Well, this one slipped through the crack for me but what a nice discovery I had while enjoying my meal there.

The restaurant is called One Six Eight and the only reason I found out about it was because the chef Leigh McDivitt is related to my boss. They are cousins! A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to join an after work dinner by my boss with a few other work colleagues and I was only too thrilled to accept the invite.

Leigh was previously at 3 Weeds and I recall having dined there once and remembering the food was delicious. The restaurant is located at Kent Street at Millers Point and it is located just below the underpass to the Harbour Bridge. A great location for business lunches and dinners. It had an executive feel when I stepped into the restaurant.

We had a drink at the bar area before adjourning to our table. The menu looked really interesting. And we dined on the day when the new spring menu was presented.

Our taste buds got going with Ceviche kingfish with horseradish ice cream and lime chilli dressing. The flavours were popping in my mouth! Yum!

Seared scallops with torched prawn, nam pla jam and pork dust. It did look good and NL commented on how fresh and succulent the scallop was. She thoroughly enjoyed the dish.

Duck prosciutto with smoked octopus, blood orange cloud and shaved duck yolk. The majority our group chose this for entree, including me! The thought of having duck prosciutto intrigued me so I had to try it. It was a lovely dish, there were intriguing flavours of duck, combined with the octopus and the duck yolk. A really good dish!!

Seared bonito, heirloom carrots, shellfish pearl barley & squid ink reduction. NL once again broke from the majority and was enjoying this delicious dish.

Coffee spiced venison leg, chocolate gnocchi, mandarin gel and king brown mushrooms. How could you not want to try this dish? Just reading all the main ingredients made my brain go whoosh!!!! Chocolate gnocchi? Really? Coffee spiced venison? Really? All I will say about this dish is that it was utterly delicious! Amazeballs!!!!

But we had to have dessert:

Jack Daniel's 'Tennessee Honey' ice cream, dark chocolate honeycomb and caramel fudge. It did look good and the plates were cleaned up. So what does that tell you?

Chef's dessert plate for 2 - a playground of chef's delight. Basically it was a surprise dessert and based on Leigh's creativity, I was sure it would turn out to be an interesting one. Oh boy, was it ever! Imagine having syringes on a dessert plate! I managed to find out what were the main components of this dish from Leigh, through my boss MM. There were Donuts, Chocolate soil, Marshmallow, Caramel ice cream, Raspberry sorbet and Honeycomb.

Bay leaf ice cream, thyme sponge and grapefruit. This was my dessert of choice and I loved it. So intriguing to have bay leaf ice cream and the thyme sponge cake was delicious! It was not overwhelmingly heavy and was light enough to finish off my meal.

It was a very delicious meal and it was lovely to meet Chef Leigh. I wish him and his team all the very best in this exciting new venture. The food's good and I would label the dishes as exciting and interesting!

One Six Eight Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon
One Six Eight Restaurant and Bar
6/168 Kent Street
Millers Point
NSW 2000
Website: www.onesixeightrestaurant.com.au

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I love that syringes with desserts have now become commonplace, but they're still kinda fun to play with!

Cindy said...

Reply to Helen: thank you for your support and leaving comments on my blog. I love it!