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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Last Lunch in Sardinia

For our last lunch in the island of Sardinia, Maeve and her team took us to the picturesque town of Cannigione. Here is a town in a beautiful seaside location, looking out to Costa Smeralda. What a view, what a life! From my perspective, this town is akin to Santa Barbara or Montecito (in the US) in terms of location, real estate prices and popularity in the summer.

We were told that in the peak summer season (July/August), about 4 million Italians land in Costa Smeralda. What a thought! Imagine being surrounded by all those people and being made to go through tremendous traffic jams. I am glad it is only June.

We were all feeling quite hungry by the time we arrived here. So we were really looking forward to lunch and I myself was wondering what specialties would there be to look forward to. Well, let me say I was not disappointed at all. As this was our last lunch in Sardinia, it is fitting that it was an excellent meal.

Pietro was recommended this restaurant by another Sardinian chef and we came here with the team not having had the chance to taste test the food previously. So it was truly an adventure for everyone of us.

Luca Frasconi is the owner and chef of this seafood restaurant. He runs it with his ever efficient wife. The restaurant is called La Conia.

Chef Luca Frasconi
Our first course was a Seafood antipasto plate. There was tuna, swordfish, octopus and baked scallops. It was truly delicious! My favourite was the octopus. It was so tender and succulent.

Our second course was Seafood pasta. There were mussels, crabs and baby squids in the pasta sauce. I loved it! The pasta was once again beautifully al dente.

Our dessert was a spectacular lemon sorbet. Even though it was called a sorbet, I did not feel like it was a sorbet. It was glossy, creamy, smooth with a hint of lemon and absolutely yummy! Everyone loved it!

It ended with some espresso and we were all set for the rest of our onward journey to the top of the island.

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Edwina said...

I can almost taste the sorbet..