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Monday, 4 June 2012

Trevi Fountain and Some Amazing Gelato

Trevi Fountain, an iconic landmark of Rome. I have seen it at night and it is a beautiful fountain to view at night as the night lights show up the fountain very well. It even romanticises the fountain a little.

I wasn't planning on visiting this fountain this trip but it was on my way down from the Borghese Gardens so I thought to myself 'why not'? After all I haven't seen it in the daytime. I completely forgot how many tourists would be there. Gosh! Talk about coming back to tourism reality! After spending a few hours in such serenity in the gardens, I felt I was back in the rat pack!

I then headed to Piazza Navona in search of one of the best gelateria in Rome. It is definitely located in an obscure street, just off Via del Coronari near Piazza Navona. My travel friend NR raved about it as she had been there last year. I then realised that it was also on the 'go to' list from my Eating About Italy Food Tours.

Happy to say I found it, thanks to NR's very precise instructions. It is located in a quaint building in a small corner of a very short street.

As she had been there the same afternoon but at a different time, she had sent me a text message telling me the flavours that she had. They sounded awesome so I had the same too.

So I had the Rosemary, honey and lemon gelato and the Garden sage and raspberry gelato. This is what the Romans call a small serving. It only costs me 2 Euro. Beautiful flavours, I could taste the rosemary and the sage went very well with the raspberry. Delizioso!

As I sat there having the gelato, I read the many articles from Lonely planet, and other magazines raving about this little gelateria. Cool!

So if you are ever in Rome, I urge you to find this obscure little place. You won't regret it!

Gelateria Del Teatro
Via di San Simone 70
Piazza Navona
Tel: +39 06 454 74880

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Edwina said...

That little gelateria in the laneway looks gorgeous. The flavours sound superb! I've also only been to the Trevi fountain at night. I remember it was freezing. Would love to see it again. Y O U L U C K Y T H I N G ! ! !