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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Paris Food Walking Tour

I joined an organised food walking tour in the Latin Quarter area of Paris. The tour guide’s name was Marie-Cecile. She spoke quite fluent English and she has a connection to Australia. Her sister lives in Australia and is married to an Australian. Another couple I met on the walking tour hailed from Adelaide and the husband has been a baker for the past 30 odd years. What a small world to meet another Australian couple in Paris.

During the tour, we visited a fromager called Laurent Dubois. There were so many cheeses to see and I so seriously was tempted to try them all (if I could). On top of that, I could not believe how much cheaper in price good quality cheese is in France compared to Australia.  One of the cheeses I tasted was an Alpage cheese from Switzerland. It was about 33 euro per kg and converted to AUD based on recent rates would be approximately $43 per kg. For the same brand of cheese, I have paid $120 per kg in Sydney.

We stopped by a butcher, looked at the stalls in the fresh food markets, a lot of the fruits and vegetable stalls were certified organic. These markets have been going on since the first millennium. Amazing! We visited a rather famous Boulanger ‘Eric Kayser”. Apparently, he has about 16 stores in Paris.  I had the almond croissant; it was delicious. The baguette was really good. Lovely crusty exterior but soft on the inside. We had the baguette with goose pate and duck foie gras. Yummy! We tasted Comte cheese and goat’s cheese. I wasn’t too keen on the goat’s cheese but I did like the Comte.

As we were walking around the area, Marie-Cecile also gave us a bit of a history tour and a bit of information on the architecture of the buildings. I thought it was nice of her to do that.

When we were tasting the pate and foie gras, we were offered a glass of wine. The wine was paired for eating foie gras and pate. I must say it was a lovely wine and it did go very well with the foie gras. It was from Bordeaux and is called Cadillac.

Goose pate with baguette 
Duck foie gras with baguette
The lovely Cadillac wine 
Comte cheese
Well, it was a pleasant walking tour and I did get to see a part of Paris I had not seen before. What I did not mention before was it was a rainy morning but that did not deter us. So some of the photos will show quite a grey background.


Maryann said...

Hi Cindy,
Food walking tour sounds amazing!! Next time I am in Paris I would love to do it.
Thanks for all the effort you have made to make our Gourmet Safari Tour alive for our family and friends.
I'reading about Paris in Hong Kong , wishing Imhad taken my son's suggestion and stayed on. I'm sure the wet weather didn't put a damper on the wonderful tastes.

Edwina said...

Cinds I can just taste that cheese!! Beautiful! Love your photographs.

Kin Yuen said...

Beautiful photos, they do give the feel of Paris!