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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reflections on my time in Paris

My trip to Paris this time is the third time I have visited this beautiful city. The first trip was about 22 years ago and my second trip was about 4 years ago. Every time I visit, there is always something that I haven't seen or experienced before. Even the familiar seems to have a different perspective for me. I am always delighted to be here.

So here are some images of my time in Paris in 2012.

Printemps and Galleries Lafayette (GL) - beautiful buildings. What a fantastic dome in GL. Loved the food hall in GL, it reminded me a little of the DJ's food halls but just a slightly different focus on the range of products. I laughed internally at the queues to get in to the Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Longchamp stores in GL. Just looking at the queues you would not be able to imagine that there is even an economic crisis in Europe.

A beautiful block of private apartments filled with green trees. Such a peaceful environment behind large doors right in the middle of busy Paris. Who would have guessed this when walking outside on the main streets?!?

At night I found some interesting things to take photos of. As I was walking down Boulevard Haussmann, I saw a group of dancers just outside GL. They were ballroom dancing on the sidewalk. There were no cameras so it could not have been for any publicity. How enchanting!

The United Colours of Benetton windows were so fascinating. The images were constantly changing. There were some images of cherries being dropped into a window of water. Fascinating! And it looked so real too!

Paris - thanks for constantly being so interesting and never boring!!

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