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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Our Group Photo in Sardinia

I thought it appropriate to post a separate blog post for our group photo. While we were at Su Gologone, Maeve organised for all of us to wear our special Gourmet Safaris apron. The apron was given to the group as part of the gourmet tour.

We wore it when we were helping Pietro out during his lunch marathon session in Cagliari. I must say that the photos have turned out rather well.

So, here it is, the group looking quite uniformed. We interrupted the Sardinian singers to get the right lights for the shots. But they were quite gracious about it.

It is also the last group photo we have with Pietro as we had to say goodbye to him the next day when we departed for Corsica.

Even though we are just past half way through this fantastic tour, please do consider checking Gourmet Safaris out. They really know how to organise things to the most minute of details. You will not be disappointed.

Gourmet Safaris
Website: www.gourmetsafaris.com.au


Edwina said...

Lovely photo!

Maeve O'Meara said...

Dear Cindy,

Such a great blog and generous of you to mention Gourmet Safaris!
It was such a wonderful first trip and your photos make it all come alive.
I wish I could taste all those great flavours over again!

Many thanks Maeve (O'Meara), Director Gourmet Safaris