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Saturday, 8 September 2012

China Lane Restaurant

China Lane is one of the recent surge of new Asian inspired restaurants that have opened in Sydney. After looking at their menu on their website, it immediately got into my 'to dine' list!!

So we made a booking for an early dinner on a Friday night. Initially there were only a few patrons but it filled up pretty quickly. Next thing you know, it was full.

The menu is based on a plate sharing concept, or as one would say Asian tapas. We decided to order 4 dishes, one from each meal type (i.e. Steamed, Grilled, Wok & Fried, Spicy & Wet).

The Steamed dish we chose was Pulled pork, steamed bao, sriracha mayo and crispy shallot. It was absolutely delicious!!!!! I wish I could have had more!!!!!

The Grilled dish we chose was Barbecued lamb ribs with lemongrass, tamarind, chilli and peanuts. It was delicious, finger licking good! The lamb was tender, and there was the salty and sour flavours combined with the crunchy texture of the peanuts.

The Wok & Fried dish we chose was Crispy pork, coriander and dried scallop wonton with XO sauce. It was interesting to have the wontons with an XO sauce rather than the standard sweet chilli sauce.

The Spicy & Wet dish we chose was Soy braised crispy pork belly with chilli caramel. The pork belly was nicely crunchy on the outside and beautifully tender inside. The chilli caramel was delicious and worked so well with the pork belly. We loved it!! Delightful flavours.

I couldn't resist it, but I had to order a dessert too. I decided to choose something that sounded a little exotic and out of the norm. I had the Pumpkin and peanut dumpling, mandarin and coconut ash ice cream. Did I regret it? No, it was so pretty to look at and I thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream.

My highlights were the Pulled pork bun and the Crispy pork belly. The service was good and the waiter who attended us while taking our order was kind enough to suggest we reduce the quantity for the pulled pork bun and the pork belly as he was concerned we would struggle to finish all the dishes. He was right, we were feeling quite full towards the end of our meal.

What a lovely evening. I so enjoyed it that I will be returning soon with some other friends! :)

China Lane
2 Angel Place
Sydney 2000
Mon-Fri: 12 to 3pm, 6 to 10.30pm
Sat: 5 to 10.30pm
Website: http://chinalane.com.au/home/

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Kin Yuen said...

Interesting classification of meal types. Glad to see more choices of cuisine at northern end of new Sydney town.

Charmaine said...

After seeing your photos and reading your review I am going to add this to my must dine list too