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Sunday, 23 September 2012

China Lane - Take 2

I wasn't intending on doing another blog post on this restaurant but so many nice things occurred on my 2nd visit that I feel compelled to share it with you. There will be less words (hopefully!) and more pictures.

Bear in mind, as I didn't intend to blog about it, my trusty camera wasn't with me and all photos have been taken with my iPhone camera.

2 weeks after my initial visit, I was back again with some friends who are relocating to Canberra. It was a farewell dinner and I did want them to try out this new funky restaurant before the moved.

So we had the Pulled pork with steamed buns (the same dish from the first blog post), Grilled Dory with coconut sambal, Grilled Crystal Bay prawns with coriander and lime, Chilli lemongrass cuttlefish with garlic and chilli vinegar and of course we had the Soy braised crispy pork belly with chilli caramel!

Not a single dish was disappointing. The service was excellent, even better than my first visit. Hector, our waiter, was so nice to us (after I queried why my tweet to China Lane was completely ignored). He provided complimentary first round of drinks and when we ordered dessert, we were served 2 additional free servings of dessert dishes.

So for dessert, we had the Pistachio and lemongrass parfait with pandan syrup, Banana and cardamom pudding with chocolate sorbet and last but not least the Pumpkin and peanut dumpling with ash ice cream (the same dessert from my first blog post). Truly delicious is the verdict for all the desserts!

The 2 extra dessert dishes Hector sent was Black sticky rice with seasonal fruit and Coconut sago.

We had a fantastic meal and my friends thoroughly loved the place, the food and the service! They intend to bring other friends here too, when they are in town.

Did I mention how lovely Angel Place is? I love to see all the bird cages hang up high over us. Quite surreal and beautiful!

China Lane
2 Angel Place
NSW 2000
Tel: 02 9231 3939
Website: chinalane.com.au

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Kin Yuen said...

Banana amd cardamom pudding is unique. With choc sorbet make sit unusual. Looks like another fusion place coming up.