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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cagliari Day 1

After arriving in Cagliari and checking into our lovely hotel, the whole group met up collectively for the first time. Maeve O'Meara was leading this new tour for Gourmet Safaris. Together with Pietro (Melbourne chef) and Liz (experience tour leader), they are heading up the first ever Corsica/Sardinia tour for Gourmet Safaris.

We took a stroll through the main centre of the town of Cagliari. We stopped by a little bakery shop and managed to taste 3 types of typical Sardinian cookies. The main ingredient being almond meal and orange flower water. Each biscuit then has it's own special ingredient making it different to the others. The biscuits we tried were lovely.

We then headed to a general store which had pasta, honey, olive oil, prosciutto, fish roe delicacies (the name slips my mind currently), Sardinian wine, ceramics. The host Roberto was so entertaining, he had us in stitches.

For lunch we stopped at Ristorante Italia and had a seafood lunch. The intention was to have a light seafood lunch but we were surprised by the number of dishes that got served. I think all of us were so full we could not walk after the meal. To think that we have dinner to go to tonight. By the way, the lunch was delicious! I even tried mirto, a special dessert wine made of berries.

Baby octopus with marinara sauce - the sauce was superb!

Zucchini and fish fritters & sea enamame (interesting and quite delicious)

Baked mussels - this was popular too
Because of the large number of dishes, I won't post every one of the dishes but just some of the highlights. I think you will get the drift.

Mirto - quite medicinal in taste


Charmaine said...

I can sense the calories that I will put on if I was on this tour. Enjoy

Edwina said...

Sounds like a great first day of the Tour! I hope the food is as good as that in Haberfield!

Kin Yuen said...

Beaut marinara sauce - good colour, thick enough and with a deep intensity.