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Friday, 15 June 2012

Lunch at a Corsican Vineyard

This was our final group lunch in Corsica. We visited a vineyard in Sartene and met Pierre and Marie Louise who owns the vineyard. Marie Louise was very hospitable and explained the different types of wines produced by the vineyard and we were able to sample their Muscat, Rosé and Vermentino wines during our lunch. By the way, this vineyard produces bio-dynamic wines.

For starters we had Charcuterie and cheese skewers, tapenade, melon balls in Muscat, and baby tomatoes with brucciu. The table looks lovely with all the goodies, doesn't it?

For mains, we were served wild boar cooked in red wine and myrtle berries. In addition, there was veal slow cooked with green olives, carrots and rosé. There were large polenta chips served with the two red meats. The food was quite tasty and I especially liked the veal.

Wild boar

For desserts, we had chestnut creme caramel (firmer than normal creme caramel), French apple pie, fruit salad and some pecorino cheese. The chestnut creme caramel was a hit!

We had a pleasant lunch and a lot of the group ended up buying myrtle berries to take home.

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