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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Last Night at Antica Dimora Del Gruccione

When we returned to Antica Dimora Del Gruccione, we were treated to a cooking class by Roberto Flore. He showed us how to make Fregula. He made it look so simple but I am sure it would take lots of practice to perfect this pasta. The texture of the fresh fregula felt like cous cous. Roberto has a flair for teaching and demonstrating in a simple manner so we don't feel intimidated by his expertise.

Roberto then showed us how to make simple but delicious salads and showed us his artistry in his plating skills.

For dinner that night, Roberto cooked us the following meals.

Course 1 was Melina. This is a beef and vegetable salad. The beef was tender and the vegetables were fresh and had a lovely crunchy texture. The salad had a fresh flavour.

Beef and vegetable salad

Course 2 was Fritella. This was zucchini and mint fritters.

Zucchini fritters

Course 3 was Zucchini salad with pecorino (one of the dishes he demonstrated in the cooking class).

Zucchini salad

Course 4 was Beef carpaccio with shaved truffle.
Beef carpaccio with shaved truffle

Course 5 was Lasagna but made with Pane carasau with layers of vegetable served with zucchini cream. This was my favourite dish of the night.

Lasagna made of pane carasau

Course 6 was Buerosso stew in pane carasau. I liked the presentation of the stew in the bread.

Buerosso stew in pane carasau

Dessert was pastafrolla (a kind of cake) with saffron ice cream topped with sapa. Note that the saffron ice cream was made with a slow food procedure.

Pastrafolla with saffron ice cream

It was a satisfying meal and a lovely way to end our stay at Santu Lussurgiu. Roberto and Lucilla is such a lovely couple and I appreciate all their efforts in trying to make our stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.


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Good show by Roberto and Lucilla!