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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Last Night in Rome

It was my last night in Rome before I head off to Cagliari (Sardinia) in the morning. So NR and I met for dinner to say our goodbyes and catch up on what we have individually been doing for the past 2 days.

The restaurant we decided to go to was only open for dinner from 8.30 pm. We decided to give that one a miss as I had a 5.30 am airport shuttle pick up the next morning and didn't want to have too late a night.

So we headed to Campo dei Fiori, and randomly chose one of the many restaurants located in the square. After looking at a few menus, we chose a restaurant called Jamm Ja. For entree we both had the Tomato Bruschetta and for mains I had one of the specials. It was home made pasta with cherry tomatoes, sea bass, clams and mussels. It looked like it was baked and tasted quite nice (once the waiter removed the foil and deboned it for me).

Tomato bruschetta (lovely tomatoes btw)

Home made pasta with pecorino cheese

NR had the Calamarata Jamm Ja style home made pasta with sea bass, clams and pecorino cheese. NR's verdict of her pasta was it was delicious!

Special pasta with cherry tomatoes and sea bass

So we were happy with our choice of restaurant, even though it was located smack in the middle of a popular tourist area. The waiter attending us was very charming and quite jovial.

NR heads off to Naples and eventually Capri and Germany and I head off for my gourmet tour of Sardinia and Corsica. We have decided to keep in touch and to touch base when we both return to Australia so we can swap our holiday stories!

So for now, goodbye NR! See you in Australia and happy holidays till I see you back Down Under.

As I was walking back to my hotel, I could see at a distance the St Peter's Dome lit up. It was quite picturesque, so here is my last photo image of Rome in the night.

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Edwina said...

Beautiful photo! To think you were walking past this!