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Thursday, 7 June 2012

San Benedetto Market

The San Benedetto Market is located in the heart of Cagliari. We ventured for a morning of tastings, and getting to know some of the unique characters in the various stalls.

We tried various pecorino cheese, gorgeous tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella (fresh and smoked), pig's head terrine and raw mussels.

I saw a couple of stalls selling horse meat. Not something I would contemplate trying but thought it would be a good photo to post for the sake of posterity.

Horse meat

Federico the chicken man was absolute gold. What a character!?!?!? After seeing all the attention Federico and his son was getting from our group, Antoine the butcher felt necessary to raise some attention to himself and managed to get Maeve to put on a white coat and yellow hat to taste the pig's head terrine. By the way, the terrine was absolutely delicious.

Federico the chicken man
Antoine the butcher

The seafood stalls on the lower floor of the market were quite beautiful to view. In addition, there were some intriguing seafood which I had not seen before. I loved the way some of the fish were presented, with the tails and heads turn upwards. It looked like they were singing for their supper.

There was a stall that had such beautifully presented prawns. They all looked like they were presenting themselves in a concert.


What a delightful morning of seeing all the fresh produce local to Sardinia and meeting all these wonderful personalities. Everyone in the markets were so friendly to us.

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