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Monday, 11 June 2012

A Day at Cala di Luna

We took a boat out to the seas in the East Coast of the island of Sardinia from the town of Cala Gonone. The boat is normally a fishing boat but in this case, it took us to the coastal waters of the Gulf of Orosei.

The boat
The view as we departed from the wharf
As we were heading towards our destination, I could see all the large rock formations and there were so many caves (grottos) in the rock walls.

We arrived near Cala di Luna and one of the challenges the group found was the hard pebbles on the beach. It was quite hard to walk around and some of us (including me) struggled to walk up towards the bank when the tide was high. Honestly, we were laughing our heads off at each other. We did look quite comical.

The waters were beautiful, the water had elements of blue and green colours. The temperature of the water was quite brisk but on a warm summer's day it was so refreshing. We all had a smashing good time.

Linley, one of a few of our group who collect interesting stones, found some lovely coloured stones while walking along the beach.

The 'shady' ladies - Wendy, Florence and Betty

For lunch, the boat's team went out to catch some fish and we sat in the boat in a cove watching them grill the seafood.  Before we took anchor for lunch, it was quite fascinating to see the team work together to hook the rope to a particular hook embedded in the rocks.

The waters were pretty choppy going to Cala di Luna and in the area we stopped for lunch there was choppy waters too. So the boat did rock back and forth quite a bit. As a result, while we were having lunch, I started to feel a tad 'green'. I am glad I was not the only one feeling that way, so the few of us feeling a little ill sat at the front deck and focused on looking at the horizon.

The guys on the boat are so efficient in how they set out the tables on the tiny boat and cutleries They served the group pasta with some octopus in the sauce. That, I must say, was quite delicious. Then we were served a platter of grilled fish (so fresh), we could choose the type of fish and I ended up with a mullet. Normally I would have said that I did enjoy the very fresh fish which was grilled beautifully. But I wasn't feeling too flash by then and I lost some appreciation of the food. But there was one particular character on the boat who was such an entertainer. He warmed up to us as the day progressed and was quite entertaining and jovial. Along this trip we have met so many interesting and unique characters.

But once the boat went on its way and we felt the sea breeze, we were all back to feeling quite normal.

On the way back, we stopped at another beach and took another swim. I managed to get my feet wet and found the water quite refreshing.

In spite of not feeling too well for a certain period of time, I really had a great time and I believe the whole group did too.

These are some of the boat guys. Great team work!

The charming one - I think his name is Paolo

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Edwina said...

O poor you! Glad it wasn't worse. And you could still enjoy the day. Swimming (or dipping your feet!) at one of those deserted beaches must have been beautiful. Love the photos!