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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Day Out in Paris with Some Fine Ladies

I met up with Florence, Lucy and Maggie in Paris. It was nice to see them again after our goodbyes in Sartene. I had decided that we should meet at the front of Notre Dame. What I overlooked or should I say forgot was how many tourists would be flocked around Notre Dame on a Sunday morning!!!!

As I waited for the ladies, I noticed there was a long queue to enter the cathedral. There was also an American female vocal choir outside the cathedral being filmed while they were singing beautiful hymns. How apt to be sitting outside this great cathedral, in the lovely summer sun, listening to songs of worship!

When we finally found each other, I realised how unhelpful it was for me to ask them to meet me at the front. There is a lovely garden attached to the cathedral at the opposite end and this was where Florence, Lucy and Maggie were waiting for me as that was the entrance they found to Notre Dame. Me..duh! I will remember this for the next time I ever ask someone to meet me at Notre Dame....

Lucy, Maggie and I (Florence took the photo)
The only mission I had that day was to find the Berthillon Ice Cream store which is located on the little island behind the Notre Dame. Anything else they wanted to do was fine by me, as long as I got to visit Berthillon Ice Cream.

So we headed to Isle St Louis and aimed for Rue St. Louis En L'ile. As we walking down this street, we saw so many lovely shops. We kept stopping by these shops and having fun browsing and doing some shopping. So much so it became a standing joke that I would get to Berthillon eventually!

We found a store selling funky accessories with colourful stones. This store also had furniture made from the sam colourful stones or resin but on a larger scale. There were some nice boutiques selling lovely clothes, bags, scarfs, hats and so on. The number of interesting stores on this street was numerous.

We eventually stopped for lunch and I had a Croque Madame and the others had a Croque Monsieur each.

Croque Madame 
Croque Monsieur
After lunch, we scooted over to the Berthillon Ice Cream store, which had a queue by the way. I had a cherry plum ice cream, Florence had Grand Marnier and another flavour which I unfortunately cannot remember. What I do remember vividly was the delicious chocolate flavours Lucy and Maggie had in their scoops. They all agreed it was worth the short queue wait to get to the front. Now, you may wonder why I even wanted to get to this store. Well, I have read and heard from various sources that this is one of the best ice cream stores in Paris. So I am glad to have found it and tried it out. Next time I am in town and in need of some good ice cream, I know where to head to.

We then took the Open Bus hop on and off bus tour so the the young ladies (Lucy and Maggie) could see some of the highlights of the city of Paris.

Thanks Florence, Lucy and Maggie for a fun day. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and spending a great time in Paris! Cheers.

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