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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Orgosolo is a town known for its' murals. Bus loads of tourists visit this place to stroll through the streets taking pictures of the murals. Obviously one of them includes us Gourmet Safaris folks.

On the one hand I can sense that the town folk are keen to have us tourists visit as we do bring revenue to them in terms of souvenirs and food and beverage. But on the other hand, I can also sense some resentment on their part that these hordes of tourists have invaded their town to some degree.

But alas, such is life (c'est la vie) that we do what we always do when we see something unique, that is take lots of photos and enjoy the sights. On top of that, get loads of souvenirs!

Before I forget, I must mention that Orgosolo is also known for it's bandito days. Basically it means there were rival gangs in town and the news of someone being shot dead did not cause any local eyes to blink. But today's blog post is focusing on the more positive side of the town, their murals.

Murals are a form of street art graffiti and the ones that have been painted in Orgosolo are by various local artists. Many of them signify political messages and others are painted to depict the Sardinian way of life, history and culture.

One of the streets of Orgosolo
What a fascinating town. In many ways it is so artistic and yet it is the home to many town folk who live here and work here. They pass these murals every day of their life and think nothing of it. I wonder if they even truly look at them anymore or have they become so used to these murals that they seem like a normal part of their life?

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